Pets Welcome!


Pet-in-residence, Billy Paul (pictured above) looks forward to welcoming your furry family member to the Round Top Inn. Striving to be the Texas inn of choice for your VIPs (very important pets, of course), we have several rooms designated for four-legged guests and offer special services and amenities.

Pet amenities at no additional cost:

  • Pet welcome gift
  • Pet bed available for use during your stay
  • Pet-in-room door sign
  • Food and water bowls provided during your stay
  • Pet toys on site

Pet services at an additional cost:

  • Nearby veterinarian services
  • Sessions with a professional dog trainer
  • Supervised play time
  • Daily walks
  • Pet sitting
  • Nearby grooming

Pet Policies:

  • Pets include dogs and cats.
  • Three guestrooms/houses are designated for pets – must be approved prior to arrival.
  • The room rate with a pet is an additional $30 plus a non-refundable $50 cleaning fee.
  • A refundable $100 deposit is required and will be returned upon departure.
  • Only one (1) pet per room.
  • Pets are not allowed in houses where food is served or prepared.
  • Should there be any damage to furnishings (furniture, fabrics and fixtures), it is at the sole discretion of the proprietor to assess such damage and determine the replacement value or repair cost, and bill the pet owner for damage.
  • A pet that becomes aggressive or whose behavior upsets other guests must be removed.

While you’re here, check out some of Billy Paul’s favorite local pet-friendly businesses:

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Fayette County Veterinary Clinic
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